Dermatitis in cats

Today we would like to present the case of Misi, a beautiful 10 year old kitten who has been suffering from severe facial itching for at least 2 years, even self-harming and causing wounds and small ulcers in the forehead area. 

Her guardian came to us for a second opinion, in order to diagnose and treat her as effectively as possible. Misi is a bit nervous cat but with a simple muzzle she calms down and tolerates much better the handling at home without the need of sedation as it happened in other conventional veterinary centres.

Working from his environment and with cat-friendly management we often achieve better experiences for both the animal and the guardian. After running the diagnostic cascade, we have come to the conclusion that Misi has an allergic-based feline miliary dermatitis. Knowing this and having ruled out food allergies, we started with oral treatment. We started with oral treatment. After 1 month of treatment Misi no longer had any skin lesions and her hair started to grow again. Now it only remains to monitor preventively every 6 months like any other patient on chronic medication, confirming that the medication can continue to be administered safely for Misi. In conclusion, we would like to stress the importance of reaching a definitive diagnosis in order to provide effective and safe treatment for our pets.