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Animalfeel is a team with the latest generation of Mobile Units.

We are members of AVEE (association of veterinarians specializing in equines), AVEPA (association of Spanish veterinarians specialized in small animals) and GEMFE (feline medicine group).

AnimalFeel Veterinary Services

AnimalFeel Veterinary Services at home is much more than a veterinarian who approaches your pets. AnimalFeel is a familiar, comprehensive, close and efficient service that cares for the other part of your family with all the guarantees, technical equipment and quality.

AnimalFeel is a project from Pablo, a Veterinary Graduate who, after different courses, congresses and national and international training programs (in which he continues to participate) decided to enlarge his family.

At first it was only Pablo, an equipped vehicle and his passion for caring for pets. Some time later, Elena and her enthusiasm were added to the team. She is a Veterinary Graduate with experience in different clinics and relevant hospitals and has the essential love for animals that we need at AnimalFeel.

Now, AnimalFeel is a team with the latest Mobile Units and the technical equipment which is necessary for home treatment with quality: portable digital radiology equipment, ultrasound scanners (in color) with multi-frequency probes, high-end microscopes , blood and urine analyzer (with immediate results), electrocardiography, portable electric dental equipment (without cables) … Everything we need to care for any type of pet wherever we are!

AnimalFeel thus is the only private veterinary service in the Canary Islands to have one specific Equine Medicine and Surgery Service; and another one for Medicine and Surgery for Small Animals.

We offer all our services with the highest medical and technical quality, without waiting, without having to bring your pet (and therefore reducing their stress), at home, 24 hours.

In short, AnimalFeel was born from passion, from love for pet caring. Always with the deepest enthusiasm and motivation. AnimalFeel is the result of experience, continuous training and of this big family growing every year. We want to keep growing and share it with you.

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