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What is parvovirus disease

Canine parvovirus is an infectious viral disease affecting dogs. It is a very serious and in most cases lethal disease caused by canine parvovirus (CPV).

8 Things you didn’t know about rabbits

Rabbits are becoming increasingly popular as pets. They interact a lot within the family, are affectionate, clean, do not give off strong odours… And therefore,

Dermatitis in cats

Today we would like to present the case of Misi, a beautiful 10 year old kitten who has been suffering from severe facial itching for

Colic due to oesophageal obstruction

Atila is a 20 year old male crossbred gelding who lives in stables with other horses in the south of Fuerteventura. The responsible family contacted

Pregnancy and birth in dogs

When our dogs are pregnant and we have never been in a similar situation, we tend to feel a bit lost when it comes to