Elena Alonso

Elena Alonso Déniz (nº col. 1330)

She got her degree from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria where she collaborated with some Departments throughout her studies. Since her earliest memories, she always wanted to be a veterinarian. From a very young age she had immense respect and love for all life forms on this planet and an enormous passion to help.
Her special interests are medicine and surgery for dogs, cats and exotic animals (both in zoos and in the wild). She is a member of the Association of Spanish Veterinary Specialists in Small Animals (AVEPA) and of the European Association of Zoo and Wildlife Veterans (EAZWV).
She has attended several conferences in Spain and carried out different continuous training courses inside and outside our country. She recently specialized in exotic animals completing the Master in Medicine and Surgery of exotic animals by Forvetex. This master gives her unique knowledge about exotic and wild species. In addition to her experience for more than 9 years working with wild animals in South Africa, she has done several courses of immobilization of wild animals, volunteering with endangered species and other formations in the Kruger National Park, among others. Currently she is also collaborating by organizing training programs for other veterinarians in South Africa.
She is a fundamental part of the AnimalFeel family and is available to care for your animals at any time!

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