Mario Cascales

Mario Cascales

Graphic designer without a defined pantone and expert in Digital Marketing, although the algorithms keep changing all the time. So much so that he ended up studying Labour Relations.

Self-taught in web design since he was 14 years old when everything was taken from books and not from Google.

Mario likes to tell stories, whether with an image, with code, or with letters in a certain order. His thing is to communicate and that is what he has arrived for. He will be a great piece in the communications and creative gear with more Feel, with a Murcian touch and a good squeeze of lemon.

When he’s not typing, he likes to enjoy his furry family, which, being in the Majorero paradise, is also easy for him.

Since 2020 he has been working as a freelance for freelancers and SMEs advising and managing their marketing departments, and now he joins a project with which he could not feel more identified and whose Animal family he has known for years.

From Fuerteventura he will attend to the whole Feel Family trying to get our work across and, above all, attending to the needs of those who put their furry ones in our hands.

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