Haciendo FeelFriends

We bring you a campaign that is here to stay at least for the whole of 2023. And that is that we are GIVING YOU 50€ for your next general consultation.

What does the promotion consist of?
It’s very simple, if a friend or relative referred by you makes an appointment with us we will give you 50€ on your next consultation.

How to use the promotion?
Confirm with a friend or family member who wants a general consultation and you can make the appointment for the other person yourself. You can also tell the person to say your name when they make the appointment (remember it must be the name of the person we have registered as your pet sitter so we can find them in our database).

When can I use the discount?
You will be able to use it on your next general consultation with us.

Is there a limit to bringing a friend?
There is no limit, so the more friends you bring the better for you.

Is the promotion cumulative?
No, it is not cumulative. What does this mean? You will get the 50€ discount per consultation. Example: If you have brought 2 friends with you, you will have a €100 discount balance but you will only be able to use €50 on each visit we make until you use this accumulated amount. 

*Emergency consultations are not included in the promotion.

Request an appointment without obligation.

If it is an emergency you can call us on 619 700 735, otherwise you can leave us your details on this form and we will contact you as soon as possible.