Large Family

Attention large families! At AnimalFeel we want to reward the love and commitment you have for your pets and that is why we are offering you a special discount!

What does the promotion consist of?
If you are a large family, that is, you live with several pets and all of them are our patients, you can get between 10% and 15% discount on all your bills. That’s right! From the consultation to medicines or other products, everything you need for your pets is at a more affordable price.

How to use the promotion?
To qualify for this discount, pets in the same household must be registered in our database as patients. It doesn’t matter if they have been patients for a long time or if they are going to be patients from now on.

You only have to tell our veterinary team to check the number of pets in your client file and if you have two or more you will get discounts that we will register in your file forever. 

At the end of the consultation the discount will appear on the invoice.

How many pets are considered large families?

  • With 2 pets you will get a 10% discount.
    With 3 or more pets you will get a 15% discount.

Do the pets have to be of the same species? 
No, they do not have to be of the same species.

Do the pets have to be treated at the same time to get the discount? 
No, they don’t have to. To get the discount we have to be the vets of the pets that are part of the family (that is to say, they will have to be registered in your client file) but, as always, you will be able to attend them according to the needs of each one and according to their personalised plans. We will also apply the discount to each consultation, for each of the pets. 

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