Equine Medicine and Surgery Service

Preventive medicine

This is necessary if we want to keep your horses healthy! Vaccinations and deworming are essential Prevention is the most effective way to fight against microorganisms which cause diseases in your equines. 

In the Canary Islands, we vaccinate against two diseases: influenza and tetanus. Depending on the lifestyle of your horse, the latitude where it is found and its age, we will develop an individual vaccination protocol. Also, if your horse is exposed to other risks (competition horses, belly mares, etc.), we may also have to include other specific vaccinations. If you have a foal, we will start its vaccination schedule at six months of age. 

Regarding deworming, we are used to doing it every six months. But following the recommendations of the ESCCAP (European Council for the Control of Parasitic Diseases in Companion Animals) we must do a stool test so that, if appropriate, carry out selective deworming in order to reduce resistance. Ask our professionals, they will guide you with the most appropriate protocol for your horse.

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