This promotion is governed by the legislation in force in Spain and by these terms and conditions. Participation in the promotion implies acceptance of said legislation, as well as of these terms and conditions. Participation in the promotion is therefore subject to acceptance of these rules.

1.- Territorial scope of the promotion.
The territorial scope of the promotion is Fuerteventura.

2.- Nature of participation.
Participation in the promotion is voluntary and free.

3.- Start and end dates of the promotion.
The competition period will be from the 14th of April 2022 to the 30th of April 2022, through the personal Facebook and Instagram profile of each user.

4.- Participants.
Any natural person of legal age, resident in Fuerteventura, who accesses the Facebook page and Instagram profile of AnimalFeel Servicios Veterinarios a Domicilio and is a follower of these channels may participate in the promotion described above.

5.- Promoted product or commercial brand.
The aim of the campaign is to promote the AnimalFeel Servicios Veterinarios a Domicilio brand.

6.- Description and mechanics of the promotion.
o Tag at least two people.
o Comment naming your pet and why you are interested in our service. 

The participation of the same user with one or more comments is allowed in both channels, although only one participation per person will be taken into account.

7.- Description of the prizes.
There will be only one winner for both networks for the following prize:

A preventive medicine plan in Fuerteventura that includes: pet examination consultation, a vaccination and a deworming.
*The prize does NOT include any other diagnostic tests or medication.

The winner will be selected randomly through the methodology that AnimalFeel considers.

8.- Prize delivery.
The winner will be notified by means of a post on AnimalFeel’s Facebook page and Instagram profile during the week following the end of the competition. Once published, the user must contact the respective AnimalFeel account by private message to receive collection instructions. If the winner does not respond by any of the means indicated in the promotion 24 hours after having published his/her name, his/her prize will be cancelled and will be awarded to a substitute designated in order of the reserve list of winners. Winners must prove their identity and follow the instructions established by AnimalFeel. 

The prize will not be exchangeable for cash or any other prize and may be exchanged until 31 December 2022 on dates to be agreed (based on AnimalFeel’s scheduling needs).

9.- Exclusions.
The following persons may not participate in this competition, nor their spouses, ascendants or descendants up to the second degree (inclusive):

(a) Employees employed by any of the companies and other entities with legal personality linked to AnimalFeel.
(b) Any other natural person who has participated directly or indirectly in the competition or has been directly or indirectly involved in its preparation or development (agency, suppliers, etc.).

The owner of the competition reserves the right to withdraw any entry that does not comply with these terms and conditions or whose content it considers inappropriate and/or that violates its own image or that of any other person or entity.
It also reserves the right to disqualify from the competition any entries whose content is deemed unsuitable for publication or which infringe the rights of third parties. Civil (claim for damages) and criminal (crime of fraud) actions may be initiated if deemed appropriate.

10.- Privacy and data protection.
The participant, hereinafter User, is informed and expressly consents, by participating in the competition, to the processing of the data supplied voluntarily in the same, as well as any other data that he/she may provide to AnimalFeel Servicios Veterinario a Domicilio. 
The User declares that he/she is over eighteen years of age. Likewise, in the event that the data provided are of minors, as the parent or guardian of the minor, he/she expressly authorises the processing of said data, including, where applicable, data relating to health, for the purposes detailed in the Additional Information.
The User guarantees the accuracy and veracity of the personal data provided, undertaking to keep them duly updated and to notify AnimalFeel Servicios Veterinarios a Domicilio of any variation that may occur in them.


Any doubts that may arise regarding the interpretation of these rules will be resolved without appeal by the AnimalFeel management entity, which also reserves the right to modify them, including extending or suspending the competition in the event of strict necessity, giving prior notice.
The winners authorise the managing body of AnimalFeel to publish the winner’s details in the press, radio, internet and/or television, as many times as necessary, for the publicity support of the campaign.
The participants and winners expressly exempt the managing body of AnimalFeel and collaborating companies of this campaign from the responsibilities derived from the malfunctioning of the Internet network, servers and any other agents participating in this campaign, and have no claim against any of the aforementioned entities. Neither is it responsible for the impossibility of registering any participant due to an error in the capture or transcription of their personal data as a result of incomplete, erroneous or false participations.